Bee Pro

Unlock the potential of your bee colonies with Bee Pro, the ultimate choice for bolstering hive health when natural pollen is off the menu. This substitute is the beekeeper's ally for ensuring vibrant, productive hives, especially through the leaner months.

Nourish Your Bees

Consider Bee Pro an essential part of your beekeeping toolkit. This substitute ensures your honey bees have access to the proteins and nutrients they need to thrive. It's not just food; it's a lifeline that prepares your hive for a productive honey flow.

Bee Pro Patties

Bee Pro protein patties bring convenience and nutrition directly to your hive. These easy-to-distribute patties are packed with the goodness your bees crave, making feeding as simple as opening your hive. Say goodbye to mixing and mess—Bee Pro pollen patties are here to streamline your beekeeping routine while keeping your colony well-fed.

Dry Pollen Substitute

For beekeepers who prefer a customizable approach to hive nutrition, Bee Pro dry pollen substitute is the answer. Flexible in its application, it can be served dry or mixed with a little water to create a paste—whichever way your bees prefer.

A Flexible Feeding Solution

We’re all about giving beekeepers the power to adapt their feeding strategy to suit their hive's unique preferences. Dealing with a sudden cold snap or preparing for an early spring? This high-protein pollen substitute offers the nutritional boost your bees need to stay strong.

Pollen Substitutes (Protein) Comparison Chart