Beekeeping Tools & More

It’s no secret that beekeepers need a variety of tools to care for their beehives properly. Whether beekeeping is a hobby or your full-time job, you’ll eventually need all the tools for inspections, harvesting, moving bees, queen rearing, and much more.

At Mann Lake, we carry the best-quality beekeeping tools from the brands you trust. Regardless of your hive setup and bee yard, you’ll find the tools, hardware, smokers, gear, and more to properly tend to your hive throughout every season.

The Indispensable Hive Tool

A hive tool stands as the indispensable companion for every beekeeper. Designed for versatility, it can effortlessly open hives, separate brood boxes, lift frames for inspection, and scrape propolis and wax, among other essential tasks. This tool isn't just necessary; it's the cornerstone of beekeeping operations.

Essentials for Beginner Beekeepers

Your beekeeping journey requires equipping yourself with the right tools to care for your bees and harvest honey. The most important items in your beekeeping equipment arsenal include hive tools for opening and maintaining hives, bee brushes to gently move bees, and smokers to calm the hives.

Whether managing brood boxes, extracting honey, or simply performing routine hive checks, these foundational tools ensure beginners can confidently care for their bees and enjoy the rewarding experience of beekeeping.

Equip Yourself with the Right Beekeeping Toolkit

Other hive tools we offer range from scratchers, scrapers, brushes, staples, nails, and more. For beekeepers who are looking to build the ideal hive toolbox, you’ll find everything you need in our hive tool section.