Coop & Cage Supplies

Chicken Coop Supplies

Mann Lake has an impressive collection of chicken coop supplies to keep your feathered friends happy, healthy, and safe in their living space. Before you know it, your chickens will be settled in their home sweet home!

Building Plans, Nesting Materials and Accessories

We’ve been in the poultry business for decades and know what chickens need to provide them with a thriving environment to enhance their wellbeing and productivity.

You’ll find a variety of chicken coop accessories, such as nesting boxes, pads, bottoms, traps, and much more. Installing these in your chicken coop will ensure your chickens and hens are comfortable and cozy in their living space.

Build the Perfect Chicken Coop

You’ll need a few things to build the perfect chicken coop. We carry kits and chicken runs to create a secure environment for your birds. You’ll also find must-have tools and accessories like clinchers, clamp removers, wire cutters, and more.

Simplify Coop Cleaning and Maintenance

With easily accessible nests and feed areas, you can maintain cleanliness and order without disturbing your poultry flock. The coops are constructed with materials that simplify the removal of waste and old bedding from the ground, ensuring a hygienic environment for chickens.

Special attention is given to the layout, allowing ample space for chicks to roam and grow. This ensures your birds have a comfortable living space, making it easier for you to keep the coop in top condition for your flock.