Hardware & Assembly

Hive Assembly

Build the perfect Langstroth beehive for your honey bees using high-quality hardware supplies from Mann Lake.

Assemble Hive Boxes With Ease

Whether you’re new to the beekeeping industry or a seasoned professional, you probably know that an assembled Langstroth beehive is the most popular choice among beekeepers. Properly assembling the hive is one of the most important steps in creating a happy, productive colony.

The Langstroth beehive is easy to assemble, transport, and control swarming among worker bees. But you’ll need the tools and hardware to assemble your hive successfully.

Types of Beehive Hardware to Consider

From spacers and nails to frame rests and heavy-duty staples, Mann Lake has you covered when it’s time to assemble your Langstroth beehive. Starting with the hive stand, we have the hardware and equipment to set up your hive’s foundation.

We carry nails in an assortment of lengths and thicknesses designed to increase the durability of Langstroth beehive brood boxes and frames. Mann Lake offers metal spacers for your Langstroth beehive frames to ensure your bees can fully draw out comb and work efficiently.

Shop Beekeeping Hardware and Supplies with Mann Lake

It's up to you to make sure you get it right for your bees. Where Langstroth beehives rest matters just as much as the assembly process.

At Mann Lake, we're here to assist! We offer a wide selection of durable hardware and supplies for your Langstroth beehive assembly. We help ensure your Langstroth beehive preserves the health of your bees, and your Langstroth beehive presents the bee's honey for harvesting in the best possible way.