Cut Comb Foundation

Install cut comb foundation into the frames in your hive as the bees produce comb honey each season.

Benefits of Cut Comb Foundation

Cut comb foundation provides a wax foundation for the bees to create comb honey on. Since the bees don’t have to create the foundations themselves, they can focus on producing honey. You can remove the comb from the frame during extraction with a comb cutter.

Use wedged top bar frames and a grooved bottom bar for best results with this cut comb foundation. Wedge top bar frames are easy to clean when removing the comb with a comb cutter and reattaching.

Cut Comb Foundation from Mann Lake

Our cut comb foundation is used for producing comb honey with the Ross Round system and is best used with medium frames. We also offer it in various sizes, including our thinnest foundation available.

Because beeswax is sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, we strongly recommend waiting to ship at milder temperatures throughout the year. Our beeswax foundation ships at your own risk.

Whether you’re producing liquid or chunk honey, this wax foundation is highly effective and will save your bees time, energy, and labor.