Queen Marking

Many beekeepers opt to mark their queen bees so they can easily keep track of them in the hive and save tons of time in the bee yard. 

Queen Marking Pens & Stickers

Think about it — in a colony of thousands of bees, finding the queen can be a real pain! This is the primary benefit of a marked queen. Using a queen marking tool is fairly straightforward. Choose a queen marking tube and then use marking numbers or a bee marker to flag your queen. The queen should be marked near the shoulder blades, between her head and thorax.

Queen Catcher

Queen catchers help make marking your queen easier. Queen catchers are plastic, mesh, or stainless steel devices used to catch the queen and keep her safe while carefully marking her in the hive. The worker bees can still interact with the queen during this process. 

Marking Queens with Mann Lake Supplies

A queen marking kit is essential in successfully and safely marking a queen within the hive. Practice makes perfect, and many beekeepers practice marking by working with drones first. Mann Lake’s selection of marking tubes, discs, catchers, and marking numbers makes this process seamless and stress-free.