Mating Nucs

Mating Nucs for Sale

Successfully mate your queens and grow your colony with a mating nuc box from Mann Lake.

Repopulating the hive is the queen’s most important task, and the environment has to be just right for her to lay eggs efficiently. A critical piece of equipment for rearing is the nuc.

What Is a Mating Nuc?

A mating nuc is where a queen bee goes on her mating flight and returns to lay her eggs. Popular versions of this include the mini mating nuc, which is equipped with 3 frames, a built-in feeder, and a closeable entrance.

Depending on your rearing goals, you may opt for a single mating nuc, which offers durability and high-density foam for temperature control. There’s also a double mating nuc, which holds 6 mating frames and offers extra ventilation and easy cleanout.

Nuc Options at Mann Lake

You’ll find unassembled frames, a mini mating nuc, liners, mating boxes, and other accessories to expand your hive.

Many of our products include a queen excluder with a feeder for the drones and a bottom panel with a ventilation grid that offers easy cleaning for the beekeeper. Keep your queen safe and thriving during the mating season.