Installing bees is one of the most important steps in creating a new hive, so it’s crucial to adequately prepare for the process and ensure it goes smoothly. Honey bees can be unpredictable, and Mann Lake is here to help you navigate installation.

Adding Package Bees to a Hive

Creating a colony starts with bees. Once your hive is ready to go, adding your new package bees is the next big step. Fortunately, a bee funnel can quickly get the honey bees into the hive at their own pace. Rather than shaking the package bees, adding a bee funnel to the hive allows bees to take their time in joining their new home. 

Installing Queens in the Hive

A colony cannot survive without a queen; you’ll need certain tools and supplies to get her safely into her new home. Find helpful introduction supplies, such as boards, cages or a simple screened box that promotes acceptance and keeps the queen secure. 

Calming the Bees in the Hive

No beekeeper’s belt is complete without a spray bottle for calming the bees by applying sugar water to the colony. Browse from our selection of installation supplies to find the right tool for your needs.