Meat Processing

Chicken Processing Supplies

Browse the best poultry processing supplies at Mann Lake. From scalders and fryers to packaging supplies and pans, we have everything you need to safely and effectively process chicken and other poultry.

Poultry Processing Equipment

Whether you’re raising and slaughtering chickens or other poultry like ducks, geese, turkeys, or quails, these birds all require the right equipment and supplies for successful production.

From skinning knives to restraining cones, processing your livestock and the meat must be done in a clean, sanitized space using the correct tools and equipment. Don our safety gloves and yard apron during slaughtering, scalding, and hand plucking. We have various scalders, pluckers, dunkers, and more to streamline processing your game.

Once your birds are cleaned, it’s time to get them prepped and ready to be frozen or sold right away. At Mann Lake, choose from an assortment of vacuum bags and rolls, turkey bags, heat shrink bags, labels, and zip ties. Bags and labels will ensure your birds look professionally packaged and follow USDA requirements.

Meat Processing Equipment From Mann Lake

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting started working with poultry, Mann Lake has the supplies to support your business operations. We’re proud to provide the agriculture community with the best materials and supplies.