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Do You Fear Falling?

Posted by Ian on Sep 2, 2010 10:38:00 AM

The NY Times covered a topic recently that is all too familiar with anyone who is of "older" age...what happens when you fear falling.

Of course, while anyone, from a 6-month to a 94-year old, must deal with the consequences of an unprepared fall, the article looks at a study not necessarily about what happens if you do fall, but instead the psychology of falling.

This is an interesting topic, especially for those with long term care needs.

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Hi Grandma, it's Me, Remember?

Posted by Ian on Nov 17, 2009 8:53:00 AM

An early Thanksgiving.

Alzheimer's DiseaseI just returned from the east coast, an early Thanksgiving that required my wife and I to fly into Philidelphia, then drive to Cape Cod, Pennsylvania and Jersey, in an effort to visit all parts of the family.

While on the Cape, we spent some time with my mom's mom, who is pushing 94, and my dad's mother, who is 92. The older grandma is, mentally, still very aware. Sure she's frail, but she can hold a conversation like a 60-year old (at least when her hearing aid is working properly.)

On the other hand, my dad's mother, who is in better physical shape, continues to suffer from Alzheimer's. Upon entering her well-appointed apartment (that is part of a larger senior living facility), everything appears ok. She says hello, asks how we are, tells us "Sorry about the mess, I'm just cleaning up...I didn't know you were coming." But it doesn't take long before she repeats that last line. "Had I known you were coming, I would have cleaned up more." And soon enough, every couple minutes, it's "So where do you live these days?" "Had I known you were coming, I could have cleaned up more."

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