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Is The U.S. Long Term Care Insurance System Broken?

Posted by Linda

Mar 3, 2010 1:23:45 AM

We just came across this short piece on how long term care insurance in the U.S. compares with similar programs in other developed countries.

A Washington Post article recently compared the U.S. Medicaid system unfavorably to the long term care systems for the elderly and those with disabilities employed in France and the United Kingdom. Going back 20 years, most of the developed world relied on a system similar to the one the United States uses: Poor enough and sick enough and you received some assistance; middle class and you were on your own (until your resources became so depleted that you no longer qualified as middle class.)

You can read the full article HERE.

If you've ever lived outside the U.S. or have dwelt in some way with long term care in another country, we would love to hear from you. Tell us what worked or what didn't.

Topics: Long Term Care Insurance, Assisted Living