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Interesting Articles in Seattle Times About Long Term Care

Posted by Curt Horowitz

Jun 5, 2008 10:52:00 AM

long term care insurance and medicaid

On Wednesday June 4 and June 5 there were articles in the Seattle Times worth reading.

The first article covers the unfortunate story of a 99 year old woman facing eviction from an assisted living facility. She has spent over $300,000 (out of her own savings) to pay for her care and room at this facility over the past decade.

Because she has exhausted her assets and qualifies for Medicaid the facility is evicting her. It is a sad but instructive story on what can happen when there is a lack of planning for long term care.

The second article is a follow up in the form of a Q&A to Louise Ryan, the Washington State Long-term Care Ombudsman.

Both are worth taking a few minutes to read and then ask yourself "what is my current strategy regarding long term care planning?"

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