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Women and long term care insurance; helping create peace of mind.

Posted by Linda Horowitz on Mar 9, 2015 2:16:19 PM

I’m terrified about becoming the best-dressed bag lady in Manhattan. I spend everything I take in; I don’t have a plan. If my paycheck stops, I could have nice stuff but nothing to show for it.

This is what a high-powered fashion executive told her financial planner during their initial meeting. Most of us probably cannot relate to the day-to-day life of a well-heeled New York fashionista. However, studies show her fear of outliving her money is an all too familiar concern, particularly for women. 

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Long Term Care Planning; Is Long Term Care Insurance Right For You?

Posted by Linda Horowitz on Feb 25, 2015 11:54:00 AM

It’s an all too common story; adult children dealing with their parents’ long term care. The experience often leads those adult children to consider how they will pay for long term care for themselves should they end up needing it too.

Kay Anderson’s mother, Edith, passed away last year at age 96. Edith, like most Americans, assumed Medicare or Medicaid would pay for her long term care (LTC) needs. Unfortunately, that assumption is incorrect, and now her daughter, Kay, is dealing with the bills denied by Medicare.

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Should I buy long term care insurance?

Posted by Linda Horowitz on Feb 14, 2015 10:01:00 AM

Dear Savvy Senior,

Is there a good rule of thumb on who should buy a long-term care insurance policy? My wife and I have a few assets we'd like to protect but we hate the idea of paying expensive monthly premiums for a policy we may never use.

~"Planning Ahead"

This question recently was posed to senior advocate, columnist and NBC Today Show contributor, Jim Miller (aka “The Savvy Senior”). Jim’s answer was instructive and similar to the guidelines we offer when asked, “Should I buy long term care insurance?”

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Tax Deductibility Limits For Long Term Care Insurance; 2014 and 2015

Posted by Linda Horowitz on Feb 4, 2015 3:06:00 PM

It is February, and tax time is quickly closing in on us.

As you prepare your 2014 return, there is some important information you should know regarding tax deductibility limits for long term care insurance premiums.

Today, let’s look at the specifics when it comes to taxes and long term care insurance. 

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The Alzheimer's Project; Exploring A Common Cause Of Long Term Care

Posted by Linda Horowitz on Jan 26, 2015 6:44:07 PM

Alzheimer's Disease, a common cause of long term care, is the focus of a recent multi-platform series, The Alzheimer’s Project, which takes a look at this devastating form of dementia.

Alzheimer’s is a progressive brain disorder with no known cure that destroys memory and cognitive processing abilities. The disease is second only to cancer as the most-feared condition in our country. There are up to five million Americans currently living with Alzheimer’s with that number projected to grow to over 11 million in the next 25 years. 

The Alzheimer’s Project, offers reason for hope to those living with the disease and their loved ones.

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